Affirmation Cards - Calm Mind (incl. timber stand)

Affirmation Cards - Calm Mind (incl. timber stand)

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Suitable for males and female - older children and adults. Pack contains 16 gloss affirmation cards. Calmness of mind creating - affirmations and words of encouragement that you can remember, read or be encouraged by in times of need.

If we can train our minds to control our thoughts by using positive affirmations, we can begin the process in the treatment of anxiety.

Using affirmations when dealing with anxious feelings and emotions, gives us words of encouragement and comfort to push through unhelpful thoughts.

All Affirmation Cards come packaged in a beautiful Cotton Drawstring bag to store your new cards or complete your gift.

*16 x LARGE A6 (15cm x 10cm) Glossy Cards (350gsm) with unique Affirmations ~ Inspirational and Encouragement Quotes.