Always Be Kind

After Maddy died I wanted to go back to the school where she taught the little children.  I wanted closure, I wanted to meet the little ones so that I could put faces to the names I heard so much about.

As a reminder of Maddy, I made 40 book marks that contained a photo of Maddy’s beautiful face and a love heart toggle.  The book marks contained the words “Always Be Kind”.  I wanted to remind all that were given one of the book marks how important those words are.  How important all words are.

On Maddy’s birthday a few months later I received a message from one of the teachers at Maddy’s school.  The teacher said that in Maddy’s memory she spent every teachable moment letting the children know ways of being kind.

Maddy was such a pure soul who cared deeply and loved intensely. Remember Maddy’s story and always be kind to yourself and others.  Always.