There is Power in Kindness

After Maddy died I wanted to go back to the school where she taught the little children.  I wanted closure, I wanted to meet the little ones so that I could put faces to the names I heard so much about.

On the anniversary of Maddy’s birthday a few months later I received a message from one of the teachers at Maddy’s school.  The teacher said that in Maddy’s memory she spent every teachable moment letting the children know ways of being kind.

I have been blessed to start my journey speaking to school students about bullying and Maddy’s story, something I am passionate about. Feedback from the school presentation has been great so Maddy’s legacy grows, she did not die in vain.

I believe if we can get awareness into schools about the devastation bullying causes there will be a whole spectrum of mental health issues that will not exist in the future. We owe that to our children.

Maddy was such a pure soul who cared deeply and loved intensely. Remember Maddy’s story and always be kind to yourself and others.  Always.