Cyber Bullying - The Scourge On Our Society

Cyber bullying is another aspect of the bullying scourge on our society.  Cyber bullying is when technology is used to abuse others through their social network.  Social platforms like Facebook and Instagram are intended to bring people together,  Unfortunately it can be an avenue that is used to hurt others, and can create a life of loneliness, embarrassment and fear for the victim of cyber bullying.

What is cyber bullying:

- Sending mean or threatening text messages or emails

- Spreading rumours in group chats over social media platforms

- Posting embarrassing photos without permission with intent to humiliate

- Deliberately excluding people over social media

Cyber bullying can be very traumatic for the victim as the harassment and threats can occur 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  There is no reprieve.  Once upon a time children left bullies at the school gate but with social media bullies have access to their victims at any time.

There are agencies that can help if you are the victim of cyber bullying.  Speak to the police.  The police can pursue the IP address of the computer being used in cyber bullying.  Children can also be charged under the Youth Offenders Act for threatening harm.

You can also report incidents to the platform being used ie. Facebook administration.

Always keep a copy of screen shots and save them so that you have evidence to pass into authorities.

Don’t lose hope, there are many agencies available to help.

Further information can be obtained from Kids Helpline or the Comissioner of eSafety.